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On 28th of September of this year, UAB „NRD“ has signed a contract with the State Tax Inspectorate of Lithuania (VMI) for the implementation of i.SAF-T subsystem for standardized accounting data storage and management. The contract value is more than eight hundred thousand euro including VAT.

i.SAF-T – standardized accounting data storage and management subsystem, which will be a part of intelligent tax administration system (i.MAS). i.SAF-T subsystem itself will be designated to standardize and automate the submission process of accounting data to the state tax administrator, data processing, and evaluation, as well performance of control actions. The subsystem will also standardize the supply process of accounting information to stakeholders’ users on purpose to ensure faster and more efficient processing of economic events and operations, registered in the accounting system.

The main functions of i.SAF-T will be related with automated reception and processing of SAF-T file, verification of it‘s data, rendering of validation results and reports.


The solution will require high-efficiency standards: i.SAF-T will need to ensure operative import and processing of extra-large volume files, which will be of a medium 500MB size, but in some cases – up to 1 TB size. Also i.SAF-T will automatically have to perform technical and logical checks (up to several hundreds of determined tests, rules, algorithms) of submitted data, thus helping VMI staff.

It is expected that this e-Government project, will be successfully implemented by UAB „NRD“ until the beginning of 2019 and will result in more efficient work of VMI, as well less encumbrance and automated data submission process for taxpayers.


In May 2009, the Government of Zanzibar commissioned a study to support reform of the institutional and legal framework and systems for the business entry, exit and security right on movable property under the Zanzibar Business and Property Registration Agency (BPRA). NRD has delivered a report that identified and recommended the best practice interventions and reform strategies for modernization of services based on the development and installation of electronic online business and securities registers.

As a result of this study on May 2017 NRD Companies (UAB “NRD“ together with the mother company Norway Registers Development AS) started a six months’ duration implementation project “Development and Installation of a Computer Based Online System for Registration of Business Entities and Secured Transaction on Movable Property” for the Zanzibar Business and Property Registration Agency (BPRA).

This project is covering:

  • Review of specifications of technological platform and infrastructure as well as system specifications for both Business registration and Secured transaction on Movable Property based on the recommendation made by the 2009 study.
  • Study tour to Lithuania.
  • Development, installation, testing and transfer of turnkey secure registration systems for the business entities register and security rights in movable property which have the following special features: fully online filing of applications for registration, data update and supporting documents; online payment; information services; integrations with other state institutions for data verification and similar.

The analysis and design stage of the project have already been completed and project is gaining full speed with construction tasks. This August NRD Companies have hosted eight guests from Zanzibar public institutions during one-week study tour in Lithuania. During the study visit specific attention was given to planning for IT and organization capacity building in order to prepare for operating an online registration system. Guests have visited and had several workshops and seminars at the State Enterprise of Registers and State Tax Inspectorate of Lithuania.

It is expected that with launching of an online registration system  the new simplified and automated procedures will reduce the burden of compliance with the registration regulations and encourage business to register, resulting in more transparent doing business environment.



Client: VĮ Registrų centras

Client: The Centre of Registers of Lithuania

On 22nd of August of this year UAB „NRD“ with joint venture partner UAB „BAIP“ has started an assignment with the Centre of Registers of Lithuania for the provision of development and maintenance services of The Register of Residents of Lithuania and related information systems.

Services comprise of the development and maintenance of Register of Residents of Lithuania (including database of the register), information system of the register (LRGRIS) and it‘s off-line version, information system for declaration of place of residence (GVDIS), external user browser (IVN), information system for civil metrics (MEPIS), data reception and submission interfaces.

The maximum value of the contract is 500.000,00 EUR (excluding VAT). The services will be provided during three years.

Gyventojų registras

Client: The Central Bank of Lithuania

Client: The Central Bank of Lithuania

UAB “NRD“ has signed a contract with The Central Bank of The Republic of Lithuania for the extension and improvement the payment system SEPA-MMS.

SEPA-MMS is the main new-generation retail payment system, created in Lithuania and managed by the Bank of Lithuania. By usage of SEPA-MMS services customers of banks and financial institutions are able to execute payments in euro quickly and at low cost. Services to be supplied during the project will be comprised of the development and improvement services of the SEPA-MMS connection to the T2S and automation of SEPA-MMS instantaneous payments, as well improvement of other related systems. Services will be performed by a team of seven qualified experts of UAB “NRD”: Information System Analysts, Oracle Designers and Developers, .NET Designers and Developers.

In overall, the long-term SEPA-MMS project will be carried out in several continuous contracts.

Client: Centre of Registers of Lithuania

Client: Centre of Registers of Lithuania

On 13th of February of this year UAB “NRD” has signed a contract with the Centre of Registers of Lithuania for the provision of implementation and support services of Legal rights registers. The value of the contract is 774.000,00 Eur (excluding VAT).

Services comprise implementation and support services of these Legal rights registers:

  • Mortgage Register of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Register of Wills;
  • Register of Property Seizure Acts;
  • Register of Contracts;
  • Register of Marriage Agreements;
  • Register of Powers of Attorney;
  • Register of Legally Incapable Persons and Persons with Limited Legal Capacity;
  • Political parties members lists IS;
  • Other related applications.

Project activities during a three-year period will be performed by 8 (eight) qualified specialists of UAB “NRD”.

NRD Legal Registers

In December 2016 NRD companies (Norway Registers Development AS, “NRD” UAB) launched a modern, reliable and secure digital Business Registration System (BRS) for Uganda Registration Services bureau (URSB). BRS is a part of One Stop Centre (OSC) project that is currently being implemented in Uganda by NRD companies.

During this half year project, 13 “NRD” UAB team members have been involved and provided services for the BRS system development. They performed system analysis, design and documentation, system development and deployment, data migration from the legacy system as well as training of power users and staff. They will also provide system support and maintenance for the next 12 months. Now the system is in daily use by approximately 50 URSB staff members in various offices around Uganda and processes well over 1000 transactions daily.
BRS was designed and implemented to be an internal system at URSB that automates the current business processes for business name reservation, business name and business registration. The system was equipped with interfaces to the system of National Identification and Registration Authority for
verification of Ugandan national identification documents (ID and passport) and e-Tax system of Uganda Revenue Authority for payment assessment and verification functionality. BRS is also equipped with a secure API for future expansion and external connectivity in mind. This API is used to interface with One Stop Centre of Uganda Investment Authority so that URSB services can be accessible online through it. The same API can be utilised by any other external system requiring access to the data in the business registry.

URSB with the Business Registration System is one of the 7 agencies that register and license business in Uganda that will integrate their systems with the One Stop Centre solution. The Integrated One-Stop-Centre solution will automate the current UIA’s One-Stop-Centre processes and include a dynamic and transactional web portal. The web portal will serve as a central source of information regarding business operations and it will enable investors and entrepreneurs (local and international) to apply for business registration, business licenses, tax registration, and all the necessary permits required for doing business in Uganda. The web portal will also serve as a central place for the information on investment, incentives, taxation, business registration, and other guidelines to local and international Investors and entrepreneurs.

Global information technology and consulting group NRD Companies will contribute to the implementation of Saint Kitts and Nevis National Statistics Development Strategy (2015-2020) by developing the Statistical Business Register. The 6 months long contract was signed with the Ministry of Sustainable Development of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Good, reliable statistics is essential for measuring progress in reaching development goals and providing essential information about the effectiveness of country’s policies and programs. It helps governments improve their work as well as be transparent and accountable about the delivery of results.

The GSKN has prepared the National Statistics Development Strategy (2015-2020) in an effort to address existing deficiencies and improve overall statistical capacity. The goal of the NSDS is to strengthen the National Statistics System (NSS) by developing an integrated, harmonized and coordinated system which generates adequate, relevant, coherent, timely and quality statistics to meet national, regional and international data needs; guide national development planning; and facilitate monitoring and evaluation of programmes and initiatives.

Design and construction of a Statistical Business Register which is an object of the contract with NRD Companies are part of this strategy. The system will cover the following functional areas:

  • Data collection from various data sources;
  • Data preservation;
  • Analysis and queries (including visualization);
  • Data dissemination (transferring / sharing / publication).

St. Kitts and Nevis is an upper-middle income country with strong development indicators. Over the last three decades, SKN experienced sustainable economic growth as it transitioned from an agricultural to a service-based economy, with tourism being the main source of employment.

brela14th October, 2016 Dar es Salaam, Tanzanian Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA) signed an agreement with global information technology and consulting group NRD Companies that will design and develop an Online Registration System at BRELA.

The Online Registration System (ORS) solution will automate registration processes for BRELA, increase efficiency of the government services and improve the customer experience. Once the system is implemented, users will be able to apply for the Business Name Registration, Company Registration,  Industrial License Registration, Trade and Service Marks Registration and Patents Registration online. ORS will also contain elements specifically developed for collaboration and provision of electronic services between institutions.

“BRELA is committed to continuous improvement of business environment in Tanzania. We have already taken multiple measures to simplify business registration, to make it more efficient and appealing for both domestic and foreign investors. Development of an Online Registration System will help to streamline the procedures and modernise our services, make them quick and easily accessible which is expected to increase willingness of businesses to register and operate legally. Hopefully, this will eventually contribute to job creation and inclusive economic growth”, commented BRELA representative.

The project focuses on both immediate and long term needs of BRELA. NRD Companies will design and develop a flexible Online Registration System and all required back-office systems, integrate them with existing legacy applications of BRELA and other key stakeholders, implement cyber resilience – data backup and recovery – mechanisms and train BRELA staff to operate the system. They will also consult BRELA, focusing on longer term goals, providing analysis of current legal environment and technical maturity of Tanzanian infrastructure, identifying gaps and defining the way forward for further BRELA modernization.

“I commend BRELA’s dedication to this as a business transformation project with business objectives rather than a purely technical task. It is not enough for the technology to work smoothly – the real outcome of institutions’ work must correspond to the promises to help investors and entrepreneurs to start and do business – to overcome bureaucracy, multiplicity of institutions involved and getting all paperwork done, among other things. We will assist BRELA in addressing these issues and our Tanzanian team at NRD East Africa will be responsible for on-site deployment support throughout the entire project as well as post-implementation maintenance”, commented the Managing Director of Norway Registers Development AS Rimantas Zylius.

NRD Companies is a global information technology and consulting group of companies specialized in governance and economic digital infrastructure development. NRD Companies currently consists of Norway Registers Development AS with subsidiaries NRD UAB, ETRONIKA UAB, Norway Registers Development East Africa Ltd, Norway Registers Development Rwanda Ltd and Infobank Uganda Ltd.

NRD Companies is a part of INVL Technology (Nasdaq Vilnius: INC1L) portfolio and implements projects in more than 50 countries worldwide.

On 30th of August of this year UAB „NRD“ has signed a contract with The Customs Department under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania for the development and operational support of Integrated Tariff Management System (ITVS) services. The value of the contract is 664 362,60 EUR (including VAT).

Objectives of the project are:

  • to perform the development of ITVS, adapting it to changes in systems administered by EK and other needs of integrated subsystems of Customs Information System;
  • to ensure the relevance of the processing of customs declarations, the execution of customs control measures, the quality of the application of supplied electronic consultations for executives regarding tariff and non-tariff regulating measures;
  • to expand the volume of data provided to the EK, ensure stable and effective operation of ITVS;
  • to comply the performed functions with the legal acts of the EU, Lithuania and requirements for activities of customs, ensure compatibility with other integrated subsystems of MIS and external IS.

The services of the development and extension of ITVS start on November 1st 2016 (duration – 33 months) and operational support services start on January 1st 2017 (duration – 33 months).

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