UAB „NRD“ has started the development of a new e-Government solution for the State Tax Inspectorate of Lithuania

On 28th of September of this year, UAB „NRD“ has signed a contract with the State Tax Inspectorate of Lithuania (VMI) for the implementation of i.SAF-T subsystem for standardized accounting data storage and management. The contract value is more than eight hundred thousand euro including VAT.

i.SAF-T – standardized accounting data storage and management subsystem, which will be a part of intelligent tax administration system (i.MAS). i.SAF-T subsystem itself will be designated to standardize and automate the submission process of accounting data to the state tax administrator, data processing, and evaluation, as well performance of control actions. The subsystem will also standardize the supply process of accounting information to stakeholders’ users on purpose to ensure faster and more efficient processing of economic events and operations, registered in the accounting system.

The main functions of i.SAF-T will be related with automated reception and processing of SAF-T file, verification of it‘s data, rendering of validation results and reports.


The solution will require high-efficiency standards: i.SAF-T will need to ensure operative import and processing of extra-large volume files, which will be of a medium 500MB size, but in some cases – up to 1 TB size. Also i.SAF-T will automatically have to perform technical and logical checks (up to several hundreds of determined tests, rules, algorithms) of submitted data, thus helping VMI staff.

It is expected that this e-Government project, will be successfully implemented by UAB „NRD“ until the beginning of 2019 and will result in more efficient work of VMI, as well less encumbrance and automated data submission process for taxpayers.


Monday October 9th, 2017