The workforce training project is accelerating


UAB NRD implements the project “Training and qualification improvement of employees of UAB NRD” financed by the European Union Structural Funds (No. 09.4.3-ESFA-T-846-01-0007).

The aim of the project is to train the target group of the company’s employees, i.e. production workers, who will acquire the necessary skills and  knowledge  to ensure the growth of the level of professional competence of employees.  The development of the company’s business and its strategic goals demand to improve the quality of the Company’s services and better adaptation to market needs. The process of outsourcing and internal training for company employees will continue until 2020 inclusive.

The implementation of the project will contribute to the first objective of the Investment Promotion and Industrial Development Program 2014-2020 “To Increase Direct Investment in the Manufacturing and Service Sector” and the third objective of the Program “To Supply Lithuanian Business with Competitive Human Resources”.

The company’s management expects that the results of the project will create the preconditions for increasing employees’ internal motivation and loyalty to the company.


Friday April 13th, 2018