JSC „NRD“ is renovating the Electronic Declaration System

On the basis of the contract of NRD in joint venture with JSC NFQ Technologies JSC NRD won the public procurement tender organized by the Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate for the development of the Electronic Declaration System (EDS). The amount of the contract signed on the 1st of August is  EUR 1.1 million VAT including.

„Striving to simplify submission of declarations we are going to renounce wide scope complex forms that require much time to be filled. Tax payers will be able to fill in and submit declarations step by step using interactive wizard according to the unique situation of the user. The tax payer will see auxiliary information facilitating document filing and will allow to avoid frequent mistakes“, – says the representative of  the development project Aušra Jankeliūnaitė – Taraškienė. – „In addition the system  will be adjusted to mobile  devices.“

It is planned to renovate EDS  up to 2020. At the moment the system is being used by 2 million taxpayers.  More than 80 %  citizens have submitted income and property declarations electronically by themselves – such tendency has been observed throughout several last years.   We hope that after the renovation of the declaration system much more taxpayers will use this e-service.

Sunday August 19th, 2018