About us

JSC NRD Systems has over the last 17 years been specializing in the designing, development, and implementation of the legal, institutional and operational framework supporting business enabling environment and the management of property rights ruled by law. The NRD Systems services and experiences cover consultancy, institutional building and training, system designing and implementation and operation services and planning for the establishing an operation of effective infrastructures to support property rights, to provide a regulatory framework for business activities and to support the operation of market-oriented financial services.

The core elements of an infrastructure are the legal framework ruling system development and operation, appropriate operating institutions, registration systems and operation planning. JSC NRD Systems business and experiences include consulting services for designing the infrastructure, system solutions for register operation, outsourcing services for technical operation, training and institutional building programs and commercial distribution of register information.

JSC NRD Systems (until August 2003 JSC “Norway Registers Development Baltic”) was incorporated in October 1998. JSC NRD Systems is a daughter company of Norway Registers Development A/S. With more than seventeen years of experience, the company became a leader in the field of registers information systems development in the markets of Lithuania and overseas.

JSC NRD Systems is specialized in the development of registers. We are proud of our global experience. Our name is known in the Europe, Azia, Australia and Oceania, Central America and Africa regions.

JSC NRD Systems specialists are experienced in the registers strategic planning, operations, and modern information systems development.

The company actively takes part in scientific research activities financed by European Union funds. This motivates for further creation and development of new solutions.

JSC NRD Systems is a growing company. Presently, 70 permanent employees work in the company’s offices.