JSC “NRD” offers professional services for the designing, development, implementation and operation of complete frameworks including legislation, institutional building and training, operation system development and implementation, as well as operational planning and services. JSC “NRD” staff includes specialists in legal issues, institutional building, training and operation, computer science, marketing and finance.

On developing the infrastructure, JSC “NRD” collaborates closely with the client in order to find the most suitable solution for each particular project. Our projects make use of technical possibilities that conform to the strongest requirements for the management of information of both legal and financial nature. Our state of the art register solutions for which JSC “NRD” own the copyrights are based on well accepted international legal standards and the use modern computer technology as a vehicle to improved performance.

JSC “NRD” services cover the registration procedures, the computerized register systems on national and local level and several different applications for making register information available to the public.

The combination of JSC “NRD” professions within:

  • Legislation;
  • Institutional building, training and operation;
  • Procedure and development;
  • Information technology;
  • Distribution, sales and marketing of information;
  • Project management.

Allows to deliver top-level services on:

  • Design of Legal Framework;
  • Design and implementation of Institutional Building Programs;
  • Design and execution of Training Programs;
  • Design and development of Register systems and applications;
  • Technical operation and maintenance of Register systems;
  • Commercial distribution of Register information.